Sound effects contract

Started by Mike July 2, 2006
We seek an experienced DSP engineer for a 3 month contract.  The
project involves developing library routines for sound effects for an
integer DSP chip used in games, toys and entertainment products.  Sound
effects include echo, reverb, chorus and flange.  C will be used as
much as possible, with the remainder written in assembler.

We will provide an in-circuit emulator and all necessary software.  The
contractor would work at home with their own Windows development
computer.  If the contractor lives in the US a 1099 would be issued.
Follow-on contracts are anticipated if the contractor does good work,
delivered on time.

If you are interested and available, please reply to
with sample code that you have written.  A specification is available
for the work after a phone/Skype interview and signing a non-disclosure

Best regards,

Michael Slinn
CEO, Zamples, Inc.