Interpolation and the additive white gaussian noise

Started by Prasanna July 19, 2006
Prasanna wrote:
> Jerry Avins wrote: > >> Prasanna wrote: >>> Jerry Avins wrote: >>>> Prasanna wrote: >>>>> Dear all, >>>>> >>>>> The following problem recently came up in one of my simulations. I have >>>>> a PSK modulated RRC filtered signal that I have to transmit over the >>>>> AWGN channel. Before RRC filtering, I interpolate the IQ signal to >>>>> twice the Nyquist rate. >>>> Do you mean that there are components of the signal up to and including >>>> half the sample rate? that can't work. >>> It will. Because it is four times over sampling already. >> What does "... two setups: The first one transmits the RRC filtered >> signal at twice the Nyquist rate ..." mean? > > What is Nyquist rate? Supposing the signal spectrum extends from -B/2 > to +B/2, the Nyquist sampling rate would be B. And twice the Nyquist > rate would mean 2B.
I didn't read it that way. Your usage may be correct. Jerry -- Engineering is the art of making what you want from things you can get. �����������������������������������������������������������������������