Thresholds for white/pink noise ...

Started by Unknown July 28, 2006

I took a signal processing module years ago but w/o useful labs :(. I
am in the process to do some experimentations. Unfortunately, i don't
have the practical knowledge to take some decisions.

In particular, i am interested to know  from what a threshold value i
should consider a signal being a white noise or pink noise. I have
drawn the spectral distribution of a signal. despite being nearly flat,
it is not a straight line as in the books. Considering the spectral
distribution amplitudes fluctuations, i am wondering starting from what
amplitude difference value, the signal  should be considered no longer
a white noise. what about the pink noise?

The same questions regarding autocorrelation/crosscorrelation. starting
from which threshold value should i consider the signals being weakly



PS. if you know any site (book) with useful lecture notes and
practicals , plz include it in your reply :)