ADC card for 70 MHz IF

Started by tevbeten_nasuha October 4, 2006
Hi all

I want to receive 70 MHz PM+BPSK modulated signal.

Video bandwidth:138 kHz
Modulation index for PM: 1.2 radian
Subcarrier frequency of BPSK:65536 Hz.

I have been using Matlab /Simulink and TMS320C6713 DSK.

1. I need suitable ADC daughtercard for C6713 DSK.

2. What is the sampling rate according to this spec.s? How can I
I want to proof my  calculation method.

3. These spec.s are for "satellite telemetry receiver". And also, I
want to design "telecommand transmitter" for various spec.s of them:
wider bandwidth higer data rates etc.

   Would you like to suggest me a set (DSK,ADC card, EVM...) which can
be useful for all types of applications?