DSP newbie :struck up in CCS setup

Started by wolfpack November 17, 2006
Hi all,
I am basically a software person, am new to this DSP hardware things.
I have Innovative Integration's:
Conejo Baseboard with Four Analog I/O Channels, Upto 10MHz input/50Mhz
output 900 MFLOPS Floating point DSP TMS320C6711 150MHz.

The Software tools provided by II include:
Pismo toolset,
Armada toolset and TI code composer studio.

I am able to understand the code given in the examples.But my question is
where should I develop/run all this stuff?.

As far as I understand, I have to use the CCS and generated a .out
file(called COFF file) and download this in the DSP and then write a host
PC  program(using Borland C++) for further processing.Am I right in my

Assuming above, I set out to write a target program using CCS.
I ran the SetUp Code Composer Studio and configured as specified in the
instruction manual.
But when I run CCS, I get the following error:

CPU_1-DSP Device Driver:

"Cant initialise Target CPU
Error 0x80000200/-155
Fatal Error during:OCS,
This error was generated by TI's USCIF driver.

This utility cannot find the adaptor for a custom emulator.
The adaptor was named in a board description file.

I/O Port=0
Board Name:C62XX,C67xx XDS510 Emulator
CPU Name:CPU_1"

Can someone help?. 
Another question I have is, 
Is CCS going to act as  Simulator/Emulator of the board?.If so why should
it when I have the actual board connected to the PC?

Thanks a lot,