Jtag support for ADSP 21065L processor with AMD 512x8 flash (AM29F040B & AM29LV040B)

Started by Ajith November 30, 2006

There is a wonderful open-source JTAG tools available in It supports a variety of processors and also CFI
complaint flashes. Please go through the site to know more info.

We have added support for ADSP 21065L (MBGA) processor with AMD 512x8
flash. We have tried this new processor support in a Linux platform and
which is working fine.

The current patch (new addition) supports

(1) ADSP - 21065L SHARC Processor (MBGA) which does not have a device
ID register

(2) Provision for adding support for devices which do not have device
ID registers.

(3) Supported AMD Flash memory of size 512K * 8bit (AM29F040B &
AM29LV040B). This flashes are not CFI compliant.

4) The new addition can work parallel with the current JTAG tools. With
a single command, it can switch to SHARC JTAG mode. In this mode it
will support only SHARC 21065L processor.

Direction for installation

Download and install "include" package from
<>      or
Use include version 0.3.2

Download and unpack jtag sources.
Use jtag version 0.5.1

Download and apply the patch "sharc_patch" from

# patch -p1 < sharc_patch

See README and README_21065L files in jtag-0.5.1 directory for more