[OT] Sell TI and Analog DSP kits

Started by Luisfr15 December 29, 2006
Sorry for OT,
but due to no use I'm selling below DSP's kits:

1) TI TMDSDSK6713-0E
(see for
more info)
350=E2=82=AC + ship. (paid 552=E2=82=AC from Farnell)

book "Signal Processing and Applications with the C6713 and C6416 DSK",
50=E2=82=AC + ship. (paid about 123$ from Amazon, included ship.)

2) Analog ADDS-2181-EZLITE
100=E2=82=AC + ship. (paid 216 =E2=82=AC from Analog US)

Both bought about 3 mounths ago.

I would  prefer to ship to IT or EU only.