CCS does not show the Disassembled Assembly of the corresponding C Source in "Mixed Source/ASM" Mode

Started by karthikbg January 26, 2007
I have enabled "Mixed Source/ASM" under the View Menu.
But, i am unable to view Both the C Code and the corresponding Assembly
instructions together . :( :( :( :( !!!!!
I am following the rules exactly as told in the CCS. Is there any bug
in this feature in CCS v3.1 ??

I do as per the below info from CCS Help, But i am still unable to view
Disassembled Instructions of each C statement within the sourcecode :

" To View Mixed C Source and Assembly Code, After loading a program
onto your target or simulator:
1)	Select View?Mixed Source/ASM. A check mark identifies when this
option is selected.
2)	Select Debug?Go Main.
The debugger starts executing the program and stops execution at
main(). The associated C source file is automatically displayed in an
Editor window. Notice that the disassembled instructions for each C
statement appear within the source code. Just as in the Disassembly
window, the location of the PC is highlighted in yellow. "

Why does CCS does not show the Assembly of the corresponding C Source ?
Kindly let me know some solutions.

Thx in advans,
Karthik Balaguru