Reed Solomon for packet lost recoverage (erasures)

Started by patatas120 January 26, 2007

I'm working on FEC schemes in order to apply them in a real-time

After reading a lot of stuff, I considered Reed Solomon (n,k) as one of
the algorithms to use, so I decided to program it in C programming

The main concern for me are ERASURES (lost packets in the network), but
not errors.

As I understand, with a RS(n,k):

2*t = n - k

v + e/2 <= 2t

v == errors
e == erasures

I could recover up to e = 2t erased symbols.

That's ok, but I want to recover packets (set of symbols) in spite of
'symbols'. For instance, being able to recover at least 1 packet, with a
minimum size of 1024bytes/packet. 

I've read and understood how to switch from the 'bit-world' to the
'symbol-world' by applying Galois Fields (let's say we're using GF(2^8),
but I feel confused about how to switch from the 'symbol-world' to the

I wish I didn't mess up with my explanation...
Any feedback would be appreciated.

David Valverde