Problems with the TI DM642 using multiplexed video decoder source while capturing PAL continouosly!

Started by Unknown February 7, 2007
I use the DM642 in combination with 4x Philips SAA7114 video decoder.
So we use two video ports in dual channel mode. We capture full PAL
720 with the decoders with the DDK capture driver supplied with our
CCS Software in
BT.656 mode by using SAV/EAV. Till now everything works fine.
Now we want to use the SAA7114 by multiplexing  5 video sources each.
When i switch the video decoder source over I2C command asynchronous
with the continouos video capture process the frames of the new video
source captured were wrong in field order! After switching a second
time the field order is again correct, and after the next switch the
field order is again wrong!
It seams the DSP could not identify the incomming fields correctly
after that decoder source switch in a running capture DMA.
Has anyone an idea to solve this problem with switching video sources
and the field swapping? Or how is the correct behaviour in switching a
video source while capturing continouosly? Do we have to tell the DSP
about the new video source or reset the DMA or something else?
Im very grateful about every help.