Regarding the working of Cyclic Codes

Started by kittuis4u February 9, 2007
Hello all,

I also tried to implement a cyclic code with very high values of
(n,k)=(117,102). When I tried that and check if the code is able to
correct all the 2 bit errors, it was not able to do that. The minimum
distance for the code is 6 but it was not able to correct all the 2 bit
errors. Could you let me know why this is happening. 

I have one more question about the REED SOLOMON CODES.

Lets say n=31 and k=25 in the RS codes. This means it can correct (n-k)/2
symbols or 15 bits. Now does the Reed Solomom codes correct any 15 bit
errors that occur all over the data frame of 31*5=155 bits or does it
correct only three symbols and leave the remaining bit error as they are.

Please clarify me about this...

Thanks and Regards,
Krishna Chaitanya.