Visualizing DWT results

Started by April 16, 2007

I'm using a standard dyadic discrete wavelet transform to analyze
acoustical signals. The calculation itself works, but I'm looking for
a good way of displaying and quantifying the results. I have an array
of transformation values

w = [sn | dn | d(n-1) | d(n-2) | ... | d2 | d1 ]

for each signal set I've analyzed. The toolkit I'm using (wavekit)
supports bar graphs of the different scales on top of each other, and
I've programmed a mesh plot that compares one scale across different
data sets. These are both somewhat rough and do not make it easy to
spot characteristics.

I wanted to ask what other ways of visualizing wavelet data have been
found advantageous. I do not yet know what I'm looking for
specifically, which makes it a little harder. Frankly, I could also
use tips to give a few graphs some extra shiny, as I'll have to
present them at some point.

Thank you!

Andreas Steffen