Spartan 3A Starter Kit Multiboot Demo Config 4 Display problem

Started by Bryan May 4, 2007
Hi, My name is Bryan from Xilinx Asia Pacific. I have on hand a Spartan 3A 
Starter Kit . However, I was trying out Multiboot Demo Config option 4 which 
is  a video pass through demo that does not seem to work out though. I hook 
up a camera through a composite cable to a video decoder peripheral which is 
connected to the starter kit via J17 connector. In addition a LCD monitor is 
also connected via VGA port to the Starter Kit. No image appears on the 
monitor when config 4 was run. I thought I was supposed to see images 
captured by the camera on the LCD. Can anyone help me with this?

Also I would like to ask is it possible to port a design within the Spartan 
3A Starter Kit PROM to another Spartan 3A Starter Kit PROM. If it is 
possible, what are the steps needed to be done?

Thank you