Re: digital Sound IF filter must be linear phase?

Started by Unknown May 22, 2007
On May 22, 8:51 pm, wrote:
> On May 22, 5:02 pm, "dtsao" <> wrote: > > > Hi, > > > I need to build a digital filter for a sound signal. The SIF filter must > > remove the video portion of the channel and be compatible with worldwide > > standards and have good rejection. > > From Matlab, it looks like this requires a tremendous amount of > > coefficients if built using FIR. So I wonder, does anyone know if a SIF > > filter MUST be linear phase? Or can it be done using an IIR? And what > > would be the effect if the sound was not passed through a linear phase > > filter. > > Thanks. > > I don't think anyone can tell you what your filter's requirements are. > Linear phase is nice, but as you said, you can trade it off for a > lower-order IIR filter. What format is the sound signal in? Is it > digitally-encoded, or is it an analog signal? If your sound is analog, > then you might be in luck; the human ear doesn't care too much about > distortion of phase response; in many cases, you can design a filter > that will meet your magnitude requirements and still have normal- > sounding output. > > Jason
If the sound signal is modulated, for example FM, then couldn't nonlinear filter phase produce distortion in the demod output? John