Reed Solomon and Matlab

Started by hwebb June 26, 2007
Hi All,
  I'm have just been asked to try and implement a Matlab version of
encoding for the Reed Solomon algorithm.  I have done some research and
have found information, but I think I am still missin one piece to the
puzzle.  I have an array of 1115 bytes that I am trying to encode with the
(255,223) Reed solomon encoding.  Also, I need an interleave of 5.  So I
have created an array that is 5 rows by 223, for my orginal data.  I use
the GF function through matlab to create my messages(and I use a prim_poly
of 391 for the polynomial corresponding to our application).  Then I use
the function rsenc on the message, and I get 160 bytes of RS code (which
is correct) but the bytes do not match what I am suppose to get.  Does
anyone know anymore information about this, I'm trying to implement the
CCSDS code practices for this stream of data.  I was wondering if my data
has to be inversed first before incoding, or what the steps are to to
encode the data would be.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank
you in advance.