Re: Windows XP tricks and tips

Started by Werty July 25, 2007
 D.O.A.          , M$ will die soon .

  Hardware is everywhere , software will

 appear soon .

 All applications known will be obsolete .
  C , Linux are  unuseable , bloat , dead

   Finally , the X86  to the history books !
  Only had 2 index registers !

   DS lite game box has simple BIOS , and is

  the base for the computer of the future .

   In the mean time , everyone is using GP2X

 to display their JPG's and using the text VU'er

 and hooking CD5415's to the buttons then a low

 cost state machine , then a custom KeyPad

 with lots of SRAM to store the key sequences .

 I dont even have to rename the JPG's i load

 into the GP2x , as the State Machine has enuf

 SRAM to find any "subject"  index .

   I keep an "index" on paper , then hit one key

 to display  all JPG's that match .

  BTW , i live in Guadalajara , next to San Juan de Dios
  Tube station .
   WiFi will destroy all Cell Phones companies .
   It reaches 100 Km , it is 10,000 times more B.W.