Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: New image format

Started by Thomas Richter November 23, 2007
He's Late schrieb:

> I seem to have left out some important punctuation. Vista sucks, this is true, > but the HDR Photo(? I was in error in typing earlier) , HDPhoto format (*.hdp > and *.wdp filename extensions) has some very strong advantages, which got its > start through Vista. Full EXIF and IPTC support, wavelet compression,
Pardon me, HDPhoto is not wavelet based. It uses an overlapped block transform.
> lossless > mode, 16-bit support, among other things. I've been using it once in a while > just to see how well it compresses and retains detail when comparing it to other > compression schemes.
Does it? I mean, seriously, I'd like to see examples where you believe it does. Because either we're using a different HDPhoto here, or I do something terribly wrong, both of which could be right, but it doesn't seem to preserve detail very well here. So long, Thomas