Programming saa7105 video encoder

Started by arichard January 31, 2008

I am trying the examples that came with DM642 evaluation board, and
the video drivers are working fine if i want to display a D1 frame
into a monitor. I am trying to program the saa7105 video encoder to
perform scaling from CIF to D1.
Did anybody accomplish this task? Can anybody tell me which registers
do we have to change in order to perform this? I do know that we have
to change XINC and YINC, but I am having problems knowing to which

The saa7105 datasheet (for me, a guy with little experience about
analog TV) has little information about some basics of analog TV, and
when it comes to program the horizontal/vertical scaler i have a
question regarding to the following variable: InPpl: the length of the
entire input line in pixel clocks.

If anybody can point me out to some resources about video encoders,
analog TV basics, i'll appreciate.

Thanks in advance,