Image segmenation using gabor wavelets - help needed.

Started by drackz February 5, 2008
Hi friends,
i am dinesh. i am doing texture analysis and image segmenatation using
gabor wavelets in java..

so far i have successfully finished doing texture analysis using gabor
wavelets.. now i have to do image segmentation.... actually my work is
decamouflaging, that is multiple camouflage breaking, finding the
objects that are hidden in the given image because of its same texture
as tat of the image ..

for this i have to employ gabor wavelets.. i cant get my hands on to
any material regarding to this.. so plssss someone help me providing
the right materials or bookmarks tat explains me how to do this..

it would be even more easier and helpful if u provide me the source
code for this in any language..

hope to get a positive reply from u soon.. thanks for reading this
mail so far.