Problems programming TMS320F2811

Started by mxcom March 12, 2008
can someone please provide some feedback, I have been trying to program
TMS320F2811. On my board I have 2 DSP chained together, I am using code
composer 3.1 and JTAG method to program I have downloaded the plugin for
the Flash programming. My problem is once I get a new board and open up
the Falsh programmer under code composer it says device is locked. I have
not locked the device as it is a new board from production with no code. I
am unclear why the DSP are locked if they came from the factory is the code
composer setting the secure bit. As I do notice the first time as I look at
the SEC bit it set to 0. But once I try programming/erasing it changes to
1. Do I have a setup problem that sets this bit.

Thank you in advance for any help.