Quatech SPP-100 with XDS510PP

Started by ssy1 April 1, 2008
I'm trying to set up my XDS510PP on a Windows XP laptop that uses a Quatech
SPP-100 PCMCIA parallel port card.  I was able to set up the card correctly
and mapped its resources to I/O range 0x378-0x37F, and set its IRQ to 7.  

The card shows up in the device manager without an asterisk/exclamation
mark, so I'm guessing it's set up correctly as far as windows is
concerned.  However, SDConfig refuses to detect a parallel port when I

Configuration->Ports Available->Printer

The funny thing is that previously I tried using a USB-to-Parallel cable
(which supported neither ECP or EPP), which did show up as a parallel port
at that step.  

Does anyone have experience with using these two together?

Thanks a ton!