Matlab as COM

Started by scc April 4, 2008

I'm using a Software that allos me to link a Matlab File integrating it
for the simulations. The Help Tool of the Software tells that I've to
execute some comands before running simulation. the exact intructions

"The PATH environment variable should include the bin directory under the
MATLAB root directory. This example shows how PATH can be set: 

set PATH=<matlabroot>\bin\win32;%PATH% 

Typically, PATH is set by the MATLAB installer which also registers the
COM components in the Windows registry. 

To manually register COM components run 

matlab /regserver "

I've tried to execute this comands but the system tell me that I don't
have permissions to do that. My system account is an administrator
account, so I have all permissions. I was thinking that is possible that
it's happening because of Windows Vista configuration but I have no idea.
Could someone help me?? If I don't find a solution I won't be able to test
my final project.

Thanks! Best regards