Is octave good to do image processing?

Started by bharat pathak April 24, 2008

   Looks like the search ends here.

   Jim, will there be any speed or memory limitations now that
   opencv is integrated with octave? will i be ale to do reasonable
   amount of image processing?

   Second question what is difference between .oct and .mex 
   which one is prefferd and why?

   Thanks once again for all the help.


>I think others would be more likely to contribute to MEX. And >truthfully I am not aware of why one might pick oct over mex. > >However, it looks like you may be in luck: >"3/27/08: These bindings have been integrated into OpenCV. Latest >sources are now available only from OpenCV CVS." >~ > >I am going to find some time to look into this myself. I think you'll >have to get the source to get the bindings (maybe only available from >the CVS repository). It might be buggy, but it's a start. > >I also found a different link, but it looks older and limited. > > >Cheers, >J. Elms >