Document on Sectional Decoding,Sectional based scaling and Sub region Decoding required

Started by "Raja Shekara S.V" January 21, 2008

If anybody has any type of information on Sectional Decoding, Sectional based scaling and Sub region Decoding in JPEG please mail to me

If you have .doc or .pdf please send it across

Dear all,

I am looking for your recommendations.

Has anybody worked with, or would anybody know of a video DSP (floating-point) evaluation module? I have a couple of requirements: a) it must be capable of inputting two PAL/NTSC video channels (i.e. two cameras) and outputting one PAL/NTSC video channel (i.e. one display LCD), b) the DSP needs to be floating point.

This is for research for a final year student who is doing a project on stereo cameras.


Ciaran Hughes

Dept. Of Electronic Engineering

National University of Ireland, Galway