Mapping between image pixel and spherical surface

Started by APOSTOLOS PAPAZOGLOU August 30, 2011
Hi there,

my name is Apostolos and I am quite new with computer vision and image

My question sounds simple but so far I have not found the right answer. I would
really appreciate any trial to help me on that!

Problem description:

Given the f (focal length) of a camera , thegeometric size of the detector of
the camera and a pixel image which was taken with that camera , I want to find
the mapping between pixels coordinates /values (RGB) and the coordinate system
x,y,z on the surface of the lens of the camera. The type of projection is
assumed to be "central perspective projection".

i) the coordinate system is x,y,z which considers the projection of the image
onto the surface of the lens shall be of spherical shape (so that the image is
projected on a sphere.)

ii) The lens are of "thin" type.
iii) Homogeneous coordinates shall be used.

I would like to do this in Matlab and so far I have looked at all bilt in
functions there. I would really appreciate any kind of help.
If it is not possible to give a integrated answer there are two things that I
would like to know in general:

i) What can be found using the focal length and the geometrical size of the
detector in relation with the mapping.
ii) What is the type of transformation I am looking for?

Thank you very much for your time!