hand extraction using frame difference method in MFC VS 2010 + OpenCV

Started by RABIA August 30, 2011
Frame Difference in gray scale

1. I applied cvMean on original gray scale image and set as thresold

So, result:

2. then i get cvMean from the cvAbsDiff() ressult that set that mean value as threshold

result :

And, When ever i apply this cvAbsDiff() it gave me moving edges but i meed moving hand instead of moving edges.

My code :

probably , I have no concept that how to get moving hand using cvAbsDiff() .. :(

Every result in any color space give me moving edges .not moving hand .. .

This is the result after morphology operations for filling the interior of hand . but in my point of view that is not possible . because morphology will only apply where we have hand movement and hand movement only appears at edges in form of shadow.

I do't understand how my friend said me that you have to fill the hand area ...

If i set rectangle on hand. then my rectangle on hand do't fit extacly because during motion my edges breaked . so rectangle do't set directly on hand .

Please guide me that how can i get back my hand ???
ok well i did more dilate and erode

almost near to get hand . may be need more dilate and erode

but this is not good way to get hand . because more dilate and erode as a result speed slow .

speed is too slow .Is there any other way to fill the interior of hand ?

Please tell me that is there any other way to get back my hand ??