software tools for image processing

Started by monsaer September 11, 2002
hi guys, since some weeks ago, I'm trying to find some software for
processing image files (bmp, jpeg, etc, etc, formats) to a kind of txt
tables (X Y RGB) and the other way round. By using tools like
'bmptoppm'and 'pnmtoplainpnm' it is possible to obtain such tables,
but it still has to be re-arranged. On the other hand I couldn't find
any tool that converts a txt table (X Y RGB) to the PPM format. Do you
know some tools, or c functions to do that ?
I'm also looking for some software for decomposing a picture in
smaller rectangles or squares and viceversa.

The idea behind all this is to use neural networks for compressing
images, and the inputs to the networks will be such XY-RGB tables. Do
You know some tool which more or less performs that ?. I'm just
starting in this field and I don't know how to deal with this first
steps. If you've any suggestion please don't hesitate to send a reply

best regards,