Java Initialization problem with Mathlab

Started by Phanikrishna August 10, 2003

Can someone help me with this...
I have a Windows 2000
Matlab gives an error while intializing with the
dialog box
title "Java Intialization Failed" and the error
message reads "Check
MATLAB installation, possible JAVA classpath problem".

The solution provided by does not seem
to be working
for me, because as suggested by mathworks @

i set the MATLAB_JAVA variable (environmental
variable in system
properties) to the path of the JVM.
I tried setting the MATHLAB_JAVA variable to the path
pointing to
rt.jar under the JVM installation.
But the problem continues to exist.

Please suggest a solution !!

Krish Gomatom
Graduate Research Assistant
Center for Energy Studies
Wichita State University