Few basic Problems in simulating UWB

Started by xiao lu December 15, 2003
Dear all,
First What I wanna do is generate a S(x) 16 M-ary symbol use PPM. Then push S(x)
through a filter which is the impulse response. and then add gaussin noise after transmitted. at the receiver side, through the filter again and get the received symbol to find the UBPe(Union Bound Error Probabilities) of the Signal. It is a simple procedure to describe however...
My problem is
1. How to generate the random symbol? It should be a signal which has only one pulse in a specified interval. I found the randerr function can do this job while after I got the Ns*M matrix I do not know how to convolution it with the impulse. to get the UBPe? Should I compare the received symbol to the original one and find the error probabilities?