Wavelet toolbox (Wdencmp)

Started by junejonoman February 4, 2004
Dear all

I am using the matlab-wavelet toolbox ver 1.2 and the follwoing

wdencmp is giving error for the innvalid argument list. although
the example I am running is a matlab example but still it is giving
error. The code for the example is as follows and you will find it at
page no 2-20 of wavelet user guide

your help in this regard will be deeply appreciated %loading the signal
load leleccum;

%setting the variables
s= leleccum(1:3920);
ls = length(s);

%performing a multi level Wav Decomposition

[C,L] = wavedec(s,3,'db1');

[thr,sorh,keepapp] = ddencmp('den','wv',s)
W = 'db1'
clean = wdencmp('gb1',C,L,W,N,thr,sorh,keepapp)

subplot(2,1,1) ; plot(s(2000:3920)); title('Oriinal'); axis off
subplot(2,1,2) ; plot(clean(2000:3920)); title('De-noised'),axis off