How to access a particular row and column of a excel file.

Started by BALAJI RAMAN March 24, 2004
Hey guys thanks for helping me out fo the first problem of accessing
excel files through matlab. Now i have another problem..

channel = ddeinit('excel','C:\bal.xls')

prices = ddereq(channel,'r1c1 : r3c10')

this will print out row one to row three of bal.xls file through
column 10..

But what I want is to print or access row1 , row 11, row 22, row 33

Is there a way...

i also tried putting rj(j=1) in place r1 but it doesnt work i guess
there is a problem with conversion of int to string..

i also tried this

prices = ddereq(channel,'r(int2str(j))c1 : r(int2str(j))c10')

Any help in this regards will be a gr8 help..

Thanks in advance