Excel Link and matlab -- trouble updating data

Started by Dan Grabski June 1, 2001
I'm using Matlab R12 with Excel 2000 under Windows ME to do some
data analysis. I'm using Excel Link to pull data from cells in an
Excel spreadsheet, then using MLEvalString a lot of times to work
with the data. I have all of this written as a subroutine in the Excel
workbook, which is called by clicking a button I inserted in the
workbook. In the code, I start by running

MLEvalString "clear"

in the subroutine to clear out previous variables in Matlab. When I
first run the subroutine, it works fine. Then, the subsequent times
I run the subroutine after changing the data in the Excel sheet it
uses, it doesn't seem to have seen the new data -- all of the results
that come out use the old data. It doesn't update the data unless
I go into the Matlab window and run a command, any command, that uses
one of the variables I made through the Excel/Matlab subroutine code.
Is there something that tells it to explicitly update everything it's
looking for in Excel that I'm probably missing?


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