problem with IFFT and sampling time

Started by saini_s1978 September 18, 2005
Hi everybody,
My problem is as follows:
I get data from a fft analyser after numerous averaging in order
to remove the noise. Now in order to use it i have to take the IFFT
of this data in Matlab. But fft analyser(any) while taking fft take
sampling frequency as 2.56 times the maximum frequency specified. But
when IFFT is taken in matlab it will just double the no of points for
time signal. Hence when the number of points in that vector should be
2.56 times it is actually made 2 times by MAtlab.
How can i make ifft do the inverse with sampling frequency 2.56 times
max. freq.
otherway what will be the samlping time of the signal which i have
got by ifft.

I hope i am able to clear myself. Thanking you in advance. sandeep