question for filter implementation

Started by nasim ahmed January 10, 2006
hi guys, This is nasim, i am working as a DSP engg. in chennai ( india ). My work is to convert many matlab functions in C. just like linkage, cluster and to implement filter in C. Here, i am facing a problem in implementation filter. basically i am not able to convert the "filtfilt" function in C. bcos of "filter" function that is used in "filtfilt'. In matlab filter is being designed with initial condition. i got problem in designing the filter with initial condition. i am using chebyshev1 low pass filter with 300hz and fs@00, 4th order. initial condition r 4 constant values. unfortunately i cant go in to filter function. In addition i also got problem in implementation of banpass filter in C. bcos matlab is giving 9 coefficient for bandpass filter . so how to implement bandpass filter in C directly from 9 coefficient of matllab. plz help me with right information.
regards nasim

note: waiting for reply