Using fft to obtain power spectral density of a gaussian distribution

Started by Unknown September 22, 2001
I am currently writing this programme to simulate the AWGN using the
rand function in C and the polar box muller algorithm. I managed to
simulate a series of random numbers of gaussian distribution with
variance 1 and mean 0. I would like to now test using fft the power
spectral density of this gaussian distribution of random numbers.
Idealy this should show a straight line with a value of 1. How can I
use fft in Matlab to help me acheive this?

Currently what I did was to output 100 numbers into a textfile from
the C programme I have. Then I read and store these numbers into a
matrix in Matlab. I apply fft on this matrix of numbers and
eventually then square the output.I then plot this output. However
the graph has a value far from my ideal value of 1. Thank you.