help needed ) TEQ vs. FEQ in OFDM or DMT

Started by Sean Lee April 7, 2006
Hello everyone. I recently joined this group.
I'm a PhD student pursuing equalization.

I'm interested in TEQ(shortening filter) and FEQ ( freq domain
equalization). But to me, it seems that these two have been studied
mostly in the context of DMT(DSL). Literature does say that in DSL,
delay spread can be up to 100 symbols, thus TEQ and/or FEQ may be

But now, in wireless, OFDM doesn't seem to depend on TEQ and/or FEQ
that much. Am I right?....

If I am right, is it because wireless OFDM doesn't in fact need TEQ
and/or FEQ? When I do search, I don't actually find that many-and-
good papers about TEQ and/or FEQ of wireless OFDM.

I would highly appreciate your suggestions and advice.

Thank you very much.