Re: Simulink/C6713 project

Started by osca...@hotmail.com February 2, 2007
i WONDER WHAT VERSION OF MATLAB U ARE USING BECAUSE THE R2006 INCLUDES SOME DEMOS FOR THE DSK6713 THAT YOU CAN RUN, THE DEMOS ARE FROM EMBEDDED TARGET C6000 i tested the reverbeation demo and works fine the others i have some problems running, i woul like to see you filter application if you can share it.

Hello group,
> I want to try connecting the C6713 board to SIMULINK. I have all the necessary blocksets and I successfully tried filtering a real-time input through the board and with SIMULINK. Now I request if any one has a simple
> pre-made project that uses SIMULINK and C6713 please send it to me to: a...@hartford.edu so I can download and try it. The project could be in any subject (dsp-related). I would really appreciate it.
> Thank you,
> Haidar