image bands in matlab

Started by nourhan_breem April 17, 2007

if anyone can help me in specify image bands using matlab, plzzz replay
as soon as possible

this is my image registration algorithm in which step 8 is related to
image band

1. Apply FFT to images I1 and I2 F1(x, h) and F2(x, h);

2. Compute the absolute values of F1(x, h) and F2(x, h);

3. Apply a high pass filter to the absolute values to remove low
frequency noise;

4. Transform the resulting values from rectangular coordinates to
log-polar coordinates;

5. Apply the FFT to log-polar images I1 and I2 Flp1(x, h) and
Flp2(x, h);

6. Compute the ratio R1 of Flp1(x, h) and Flp2(x, h) using equation

7. Compute the inverse FFT IR1 of the ratio R1;

8. Find the location of the maximum of abs(IR1) and obtain the
values of scale, and rotation angle ;

maxn = MAX(abs(inv-R), position)

scale = b^(position MOD rows)

angle = 180.0 * (position / rows) / cols

position is : the band position (is a long integer with a value from
zero to number-of-bands minus one) of the image.

how can i specify this position in matlab ??

thanxxxxxx alot