Re: C6713DSK to Simulink data transfer

Started by jjnn...@yahoo.co.in April 19, 2007
hi jeff i am trying doing the same....can you plz guide....

I have implemented an OFDM communication system in Simulink. I am using Link to CCS and CCSv3.1 Platinum to build the model and transfer data to one TI C6713 board. The output of the board goes to the input of a second C6713 board.
>The problem is I do not know how to transfer the received data (from the second board) back to simulink.
>Using the Line in ADC block digitizes and transfers the received data to the board processor. Can I use a RTDX channel to transfer the data to Simulink again?
>If yes please tell me how!! If there are other solutions please let me know!
>I appreciate it!