implementing rayleighchan in OFDM

Started by burkaycan August 13, 2007
Hi everbody,

I am doing my M.SC thesis on the topic "ICI cancellation in OFDM". I
have very limited time, if you can help me I will be grateful to you....

I can implement the OFDM structure in AWGN channel, it works very well..

But when i try to implement the system in a "rayleighchan", I obtain
very bad BER results.

N%6 ; % carriers
GI=N/4; % Guard ─▒nterval=Cyclic prefix
DataBit = randint(N,1,2); % obtain 0 and 1's
DataMod = qammod(DataBit,2); % obtain modulated symbols (BPSK)

Ifft=Ifft (DataMod, N); %Take ifft of the symbols
x_t = [Ifft(N- GI + 1 : N);Ifft];

%Here x_t enters the channel


gain= 10*log10(pathgains); % convert to dB

fdopplerP ; % 50 Hz



I have some questions:

1) Which parameters determine the sampling time of x_t and sampling
time of the channel parameters? (It is a basic question sorry but I am

(I think sampling time=0.2E-6 and x_t's sampling rate are not
correlated in my code, may be it is the problem)

2) I do not determine any parameters like ; carrier frequency =2 MHz
, OFDM symbol duration = 200us etc...
May I determine them, then how i can I put them in the code...(Again
it is a basic question sorry but I am confused...)

2)If i use only "chan=rayleighchan(samplingtime, fdoppler)" then
there is no problem, BER results are good...So am I choosing wrong
pathdelays and samplingtime or am I doing wrong channel

3) How can I get channel impulse response? (Because chan.PathGains
gives the path gains , not channel impulse response complex values)

4)I am taking chan.ResetBeforeFiltering=0 but not sure about it, am I
doing this wrong?
Burkay Etiler