Started by "Adnan Pasic (Ado)" November 18, 2007
Hey guys,
I desperately need your help, especially because I need this
information for a practical exercise at University. All I have to do
is to calculate the autocorrelation of certain framesizes (in bits) I
extracted from a video-file.
So, that's what I've done so far:

[frametype, framesize] =textread('simpsons_fullhd_high.txt', '%c %d');

And that's how I get a matrix with about 700 values like e.g. [I-Frame,
8000], where I-Frame means the frametype & 8000 is the framesize in
Now I just have to calculate the "Lag" between the respective values,
what the function is intended to do. The assistant just mentioned that
the function "corrcoef" might help me out with my little problem.
So can you guys please help me with this function? Can anyone programme
a function which would go through all values and calculate the "Lags"
between all of those values? At the end the graph should also be
Thanks very much for all kinds of help in advance.