calculating Eb/No in simulink

Started by steven leo January 6, 2008
I'm trying to model a partial band jammer in simulink.
For that i have used a Band stop filter (IIR elliptic), as a channel to attenuate the signal for the frequency band being jammed.
Now i'm trying to plot the BER vs Eb/No curve using BERTOOL, but i'm facing a problem regarding the calculation of Eb/No.
Basically i wud like to calculate the Eb/No of a band stop filter (being used as a partial band jammer) for a given Astop, Fstop1 and Fstop2.

the blocks i've used in my model are:
Random Integer Gen----> BPSK modulator------> Band Stop Filter--------> BPSK demodulator----> Error Rate Calculation

Can anybody help me out here
Thanks a lot