deploying standalone application with mex files

Started by May 6, 2009
Hi ,
I am having trouble using deploytool to compile and package my
application on windows. I am using Maltab R2008a. My source has lots
of m files and a few C mex files. I am able to compile the mex files
successfully and run them without any issues. However,w hen I try to
compile the entire application using deploytool, it produces errors
like 'undefined reference to mexFunction' ,'Undefined reference to
mxFree' etc. I added the C mex files into the C/C++ folder in
deploytool. I also tried addign the compiled mex file in the
OtherFiles folder and that did not throw any error during compilation,
but the application crashes when I deploy and run it.

Any help/pointers would be highly appreciated.Please let me know if you
need any additional information.