Custom Board

Started by Adrielle de Carvalho Santana August 17, 2009
I'm from Brazil and I'm using the MATLAB to generate a code for my DSP with
the model that I have in Simulink.
My DSP is a Blackfin 537 of Analog Devices.
I need some information about the block Custom Board in Simulink the I use
to generate a project in Visual DSP++. I create a subsystem with my
controller and I use the Custom Board inside this subsystem. What I needed
to know, is if the code generated will be only of the subsystem or if the
code will be of all the model including the blocks that isn't inside the

Another doubt that I have is if is possible to run two models in simulink
simultaneously and with both models linked between them.

Sorry by my english!

Adrielle C. Santana
Engenheira de Controle e Automao
Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto

Mestranda em Engenharia da Informao
Universidade Federal do ABC