Re: PAPR calculation

Started by August 21, 2009
Hello Sabbir

I think that has to work according to formula,it seems correct..
Did you run this program?
Let me know..
and would you be able to tell me how do we apply this concept for OFDM?
I am working on reducing PAPR in OFDM and went through the concepts and methodologies,still i am not sure how exactly to get the power values of carriers in OFDM and find PAPR.
Please help me..
AND request to all others,please suggest..
> Dear All,
>I would highly appreciate if you share your thoughts
>on the correctness of the method for calculating PAPR
>value of OFDM signal as described below.
>I am using NRZ random bits as the random input data
>where the n point IFFT outputs are x1,x2..xn(complex
>values) for one OFDM symbol.
>Looking forward to your opinions and suggestions.