Regarding the rayleighchan( ) function in Matlab

Started by December 4, 2009

I am simulating OFDM transmission over a Fading Channel in Matlab (using the 2009a version) at my university

I am concatenating 100 OFDM symbols, where one symbol has 80 samples (64 subcarriers and 16 cyclic prefix).

I create a Rayleigh fading channel object and filter my serial stream of OFDM symbols with the fading channel.

Now, the problem is that I want each OFDM symbol be individually faded, since I want to use Zero Forcing equalizer for Frequency domain equalization.

I tried the Chan.ResetBeforeFiltering = 0 argument, but then it takes independent fading for each sample. I also tried
Chan.ResetBeforeFiltering = 1, but then it takes (continuous) fading for all samples i.e. 80*100 samples

I think the way to deal with it properly is to use the Chan.NumSamplesProcessed argument and make it Chan.NumSamplesProcessed = 80, but Matlab does not allow me to alter this field of the object.

Can some one suggest the solution to this, since I find the help of Matlab to be insufficient.