Bandpass filter

Started by Ibrahim muhammed December 18, 2009
Hi there,

I have a 2d data, with space x time (longitude and
time). I need to do a bandpass filter while taking windows on both
dimensions. Dimension 1 is space and dimension 2 is time. For space, my
window should be between 5.4 to 7, and for time is 1.5 to 4.

I started as:

dataa(:, :); %1:180 x 1:225

[Ns,Nt]=size( data);

Ts=1/4; % each unit of space is 0.25 of a degree
Tt/365.25 % each time unit is 10 days per year

So, how can I set window for the bandpass in both space and time axis?

Any idea will be greatly appreciated.