Rif: DSP56807 bootloader / S-Record number of lines

Started by Unknown January 7, 2003

To use own boot loader we post process the Codewarrior S file to remove S0
line and add a new S0 line with a global checksum information.

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bootloader / S-Record number of lines
06/01/03 10.10
Each S-Record line has a checksum at the end of it. So if error occur
when sending that line, we can know about it.

However, what if a whole line (or more then one line) is skipped and
not transmitted, how can we know about it?

In some of motorola CPU (360, 302 and maybe others) there is "S5"
line at end, just before the "S7" line, which indicate the number of
lines that exist in this S-Record. Is there a way the CodeWarrior can
add such a line? What about adding a checksum or CRC for the entire
file? so eventualy we will be able to know that the entire S-Record
was received succesfuly.

I wrote my own boot loader that handles retransmits by notifing when
a line wasn't received succesfuly and wait for that line to be
retransmitted, however if an entire S-Record line is not transmitted,
there is no way for me to know it.

How do other people that wrote their own bootloader handle this


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