CAN again

Started by Richard Kis January 24, 2003
Hello all, Again something regarding the DSP56F807 CAN controller:

CAN messages are transmitted by DSP56F807 in our application. We have two next
CAN devices connected to the bus: CANdongle monitor and other special device
based on Intel 87C196. I87C196 receives all messages correctly, but I didn't see
all messages on CANdongle monitor (CANdongle missed some messages). My colleague
on other site of world describing that (using the same software) I87C196 device
doesn't receive some of messages just like the CANdongle.

I saw the previous discussions regarding the DSP56F807 CAN controller. I tried
to use both EXTAL and IPbus clock as a clock base for the CAN controller, but
the result was the same.
Please, do somebody have similar experience of do somebody know, where the
problem can be? Thanks, Richard Kis