[ANN] CodeWarrior for DSP56800 R5.0.4 Patch Available

Started by jdw_atx January 24, 2003
CodeWarrior Development Tools for Motorola DSP56800 R5.0.4 Patch

Please go to the following link to obtain the patch:

CodeWarrior Development Studio for Motorola DSP56800 v5.0.4 patch.
Release date: 1/23/2003

Note: You must have CodeWarrior Development Tools for Motorola
DSP56800, v5.0.3, installed to use this patch.

This patch addresses the following issue:

Compiler: WB1-41938 - Incorrect code generated for 16-bit
multiplication of some loop varient calculations.

This archive was submitted on 1/23/2003 and occupies 9.8 MB of disk